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There is not a more perfect venue than a french chateau for a romantic wedding.  

Imagine the possiblities. Get ready for your special day in our beautifully furnished rooms. Your guests sitting on rows of chairs on the front lawn. Emerging onto the porch and descending the stone stairs to where the officiant is waiting. After the ceremony, party around the pool. We have several catering options.  

Contact us to coordinate a visit and plan your special event!


Whether a family reunion, corporate event, club meeting, family reunion or gathering of friends - the chateau offers a great setting.

You can book the chateau for the day or multiple days with overnight stays. Use the grounds for outdoor activities. Enjoy the city park next door and visit historic downtown Atlanta. Or include same-day trips to other venues the area offers like - Jefferson, the original capital of Texas; a casino experience in Shreveport; or enjoy the Pineywoods area - where the chateau is located.

Call to coordinate your gathering tailored to your needs and interests.

Museum Experience

The chateau by itself provides a museum experience. 

Would you like to come over just to experience this landmark? We can arrange that just for your family or friends - with a tour walkthrough of the history of the chateau and its association with Marie Antoniette. If you've been longing for an opportunity to see Europe, visit the chateau for a taste of it. 

Contact us to coordinate your visit.



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