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Chateau's History

Locally known as the "Brooks Mansion" - the chateau is inspired by Marie Antoinette's "The Petit Trianon Palace" which was built in 1774 on the grounds of Versailles, France, and given to her by her husband Louis the XVI. It was a perfect example of the "Greek Style" that was sweeping through Europe in that era. Mrs. Virginia Brooks of Atlanta, Texas traveled extensively throughout Europe, and on one of her visits, she fell in love with this palace and wanted one of her own... so she ordered it! The shipment of Italian stone was in "kit form" and each stone was numbered to be put in an exact place. Carved into a hillside on Louise Street, Mrs. Virginia built this chateau and prided herself on the fact that her house design has two more windows than Marie Antoinette's!

This magnificent estate sits on 48 acres of beautiful grounds and has graced Atlanta Texas with its opulence since 1960 when it was completed. The home has marble and hand crafted wood floors, high ceilings (approx 12'), three fireplaces, and multiple living rooms. There are 6 bedrooms, 7 baths and 2 half baths, plus a maid’s quarter. All bathrooms are marble. Every room has double French Doors adorned with vintage hardware. The Kitchen was of forward-thinking design, "state-of-the-Art" 1960's style, equipped with an Island, Indoor Grille, Double Oven, and a huge food prep Pantry Room. This is a palatial Masterpiece.

The chateau was recently purchased and refurbished. The new owners want it to be known as a landmark where people come to make memories - in benefit of the City of Atlanta and its citizens as well.

Contact us to arrange the best way for you to come and experience this treasure!

Petit Trianon.jpg

Marie Antoinette's garden retreat "Petit Trianon" (above) is located on the grounds of the Domain of Versailles in France

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