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Piney Woods,Texarkana, Jefferson, Shreveport

Chateau South Event center is located mid-way to several other attractions - all within a hour or less. It is also where Arkansas, Louisana, Oklahoma and Texas coincide. 

Atlanta & Historical Museum

Downtown Atlanta has numerous shoppes, as well a restuarants to enjoy. The museam exhibits include a diorama depicting the Texas and Pacific Railway as it would have appeared between 1890 and 1910, an array of local items depicting the development of commerce in Atlanta between 1850 and 1950, railroad and depot equipment, cotton processing from field to gin, military stories and artifacts, a wagon and plane to explore, Bessie Coleman photos and artifacts with interpretations of the Caddo culture.  Link to more info about Atlanta, Tx here: 

O'Farrell Country

O'Farrell Country Vineyards is tucked away in deep Northeast Texas backroads & pine trees. Almost all their wine is made with muscadine grapes & fresh fruit aged in stainless steel tanks. It is a family owned/operated business with delish wines, small plates and indoor / outdoor seating.
Totally worth the time to find your way along some of the prettiest Texas county & farm roads to park under the large tree outside a rustic, quaint winery in a most unexpected location.

Jefferson, Tx

Nestled in the heart of the Piney Woods region of Texas, Jefferson is steeped in history. In fact, the city boasts over seventy historic landmarks, restored buildings, museums, and well-preserved homes. The pre-civil war town; with scenic streets, charming restaurants, quaint bed & breakfasts, and picturesque landscapes. 

When you visit Jefferson, Texas, you take a journey back through time to a bustling 19th century river port. It was an era of prosperity and wealth, of petticoats and parasols, of Southern grace and romance. Today’s Jefferson is reminiscent of its heyday with antique shops lining the original brick streets, horse-drawn carriage tours, and even a trip on the bayou.


The rich and diverse history of Jefferson, Texas is told through numerous factual and romantic accounts, including those that describe its dramatic rise to prosperity during the mid 1800’s, as the states’ largest and most significant riverport. This period of prosperity has come to be known as “The Golden Era”. Jefferson erupted into a mid-19th-century boomtown with the help of a genteel, graceful society of successful and well-bred families, a host of nefarious opportunists and a rich assortment of eclectic individuals, while offering a supply point and doorway to settlers and immigrants looking for a new life. She was and remains, The Queen of the Bayou.





Texarkana is a place you come to “Cross The Line” because there is just “two” much to do. Stand on both sides of the Texas/Arkansas state line, see a Broadway show, have a gourmet meal and drive to the only diamond mine in the world that is open to the public. All in one day! But those who know Texarkana best, simply say we are TWICE AS NICE!

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